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I was  advised put this to  your  driverless vehicle   wanna bes.

Question asked by Bro-brown on Nov 23, 2016

laser beam  steering  technology is now part of AD  and so I am wondering about the  simplest of their LIDAR chips the ADA8282  automotive radar chip with 4 channels  

a few questions for those who curiouslty goes  into lateral thinking  mode

can this  chip be used for  object recognition close up (  10 to 200 mm) or only far away ( 10 to 20m)

is there a AD demo  kit I can buy, connect it my  TV screen scope  and  use the kit to   see what it  displays  as  channel  information

reason for enquiry

I need to  detect obstacles in the path of  a moving driverless gantry  eg lizards   who dont want to spill their gizzards, trees branches that fall to block the path forward  or force the gantry off course or  wash away from paddock  erosion   in a  torrential   storm. the gantry operates 24/7  so i dont want it  doing a  turtle turn for me  overnight. The other use is  the   closeup up  detection of   solid objects  about  apple sized that  get miraculously past  screens  filters  shakers and statistically  impossible odds and  sit flat on top of  on finely  crushed ore delivery   conveyors that feeds  grout  mixers  with devastating  effects on the paddle and  then on the pump  parts.  Being able to   discern  the object surface area and shape  matters  because only  those  "little wonders" that  shouldn't be able to get there and are  profile as  a very well defined size or shape   need to be  removed just in time. The ADA 8282 is ridiculously inexpensive  so  I am hopeful it can be used  or a few of them used  in tandem ..  with some cheap lenses ...  any suggestions or a read list to  know its typical  applications and type of   output  mapping  to object  recognition  would be appreciated.