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AD8277 Absolute Value Circuit Distortion

Question asked by henrique on Nov 23, 2016

Hello, I'm trying to build Absolute Value Circuit as described in your application note here Your Absolute Value Circuit, with the AD8277. I was expecting to see a clean rectified wave but it turns out i get significant distortion even at 1kHZ and the higher I increase the frequency the worst it gets. The amplifier is being powered with +VS=7 and -VS=GND. And the distortion can be seen in these following pictures. This distortion is present in any signal's amplitude. This peak shows up in the positive part of the wave,  when it swings from negative to positive. Is this normal ? 



Thank you.


output at the first stage (OUTA) with 1kHz Sin Wave



output at the first stage (OUTA) with 10kHz Sin Wave


output at the second stage (OUTB)