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C driver with two AD6676

Question asked by DST_ERA on Nov 23, 2016
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We have a project with Xilinx evaluation board VC707 (with 2 FMC connectors) and two AD6676.

There will be design with one Microblaze what will do default configuration and another stuff for these two AD6676 through SPI. Both JESD204 will be handled by HDL logic.


I have made a quick overview of evaluation src from GitHub - analogdevicesinc/no-OS: Software drivers for systems without OS 

and I'm not sure about AD6676.c functionality with two connected AD6676.

If you take look into AD6676.c drivers , you will find global variable


struct ad6676_phy    *phy;


this variable is dynamically initialiazed in ad6676_setup() and then globally used in the whole driver.

Did I overlooked something? Is this right?


Before I start digging into these sources and rewriting it for our usage I would to know if there is a another src (instead of the one at github) what I can evaluate and use.