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ADV7513 720p30 embedded sync setting issue

Question asked by benwang on Nov 23, 2016
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I am working with ADV7513 for 720p30 embedded sync timing issue. The table 25 in ADV7513 programming guide list setting for common video format but without video fromat 720p30/25 etc.

I am trying to create register data for 720p30 which looks have h sync placement as 1760d according to standard doc,  which requires 11-bit long register. but ADV7513 h sync register 0x30[7:0] & 0x31[7:6] total is only 10-bit long. since 10-bit register can't correct set 1760d so I can't make ADV7513 to work for 720p30 embedded sync.

so my question is how to set 1760 h sync replacement in 10-bit register? and any other way I can't approach to set it correctly.


Thank you