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ADXRS453 Null Temperature Problem

Question asked by wy0619 on Nov 22, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by Koka


Recently I started a new project using the ADXRS453 MEMS gyro, but the test results was far from the datasheet as described, especially null temperature specification. Here's the test conditions below:

1. The sample rate is 500Hz

2. The power supply is 3.3V and has 1% precision over temperature

3. The rate data is read from Rate (RATEx) Registers ( The RATEx registers contain the temperature compensated rate
     output of the device, filtered to f0/200 (~77.5 Hz 


4. The system containing ADXRS453 was placed in the temperature equipment with -30 to 70 .


Theoretically the null changes about 0.5deg/s from Ta=-40 to 125 ( ADXRS453.pdf page3 and figure13). However the test result we got is here blow (x:temperature y:gyro rate):

As the figure being showed, when temperature is higher than 50℃, gyro null drifts fast and null error increases.