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how to design  simulink of ASK modulation and demodulation by using AD9361 in matlab

Question asked by murtadha on Nov 22, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2016 by ACozma
Dear Sir or Madam
I hope this email finds you well ,
I am doing the project that based on Software defined radio  Avent Zyqn 7000 and the analog device(AD9361) is part of  SDR ,so my task is to design  simulink model  in Matlab that include transmitting tx-sim and receiving  rx-sim by using Amplitude shift keying  .I am request your help in matlab how to build ASK block modulation  and demodulation.the received  data  should appear on I_Q plain( that show pure data without noise ,at the final stage ,connect SDR through Ethernet cable to PC ,when we run the simlink should view correct transmission  and receiving .there are some existing models such as 16QAM ,QPSK .Howevever there is no   guideline about ASK modulation with SDR.
please have a look to the  attached model that should illustrate the concept ,but it does not have the modulation and demodulation part .
I really appreciate your help ,