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HMC704 PLL register setting sequence

Question asked by sss on Nov 22, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by DonY

Hi all,


I have the questions for HMC704 PLL register setting sequence.


1.After POR, how long is the wait time , accessing the register to read/write ?
Data sheet describe "All chip registers will be reset to default states approximately 250 us after power up of DVDD."
Is it 250 us + @ ?


2.Similarly , after soft reset how long is it ?


3.How long is the interval time to write the register continuously , between Reg 0(x)h and Reg 0(x+1)h ... Reg 0(x+n)h ?
Or no need the interval time ?


4.Is it available to write the necessary registers only ?
For example, when using the integer mode, writing/setting the Reg 00h, 01h, 02h, 03h, 06h, 07h, 08h, 09h, 0Bh, 0Fh only ?


5.Are there restrictions or sequence for writing/setting the Reg ?


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