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Sawtooth to AD633 for multiplication

Question asked by DexterLab on Nov 21, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2016 by DexterLab

i have a sawtooth  at f ~=40 kHz and Vp=1V  created with 555 timer lets call the output as X and i want to do X*X.
So i use AD633 multiplier but does not work with my sawtooth.Multisim throughs convergence error.Now the weird part...The multiplier works for sawtooth from the function generator but doesnot with my sawtooth,so i checked if it is a slew rate/rise/fall time problem i thought right so i increased  them at the function generator and the multiplier worked
So i changed it too at my sawtooth but it does not works.
Here is the right resut but from the function generator.

heelp please

here is the right result with the sawtooth from the function generator