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How to measure the total time from input to output in the SigmaStudio?

Question asked by Alvis on Nov 21, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2016 by Alvis

Hi all,

I have a question is about how to measure the total time from input to output when there is a buffer before the limiter?


My question is: if there is no buffer before the limiter, the signal can not limit perfectly, because the signal enters to the limiter too fast, so placing a buffer before the limiter will solve the issue.

But I want to know one thing, does the buffer will delay output the signal?

If my system is mono, maybe I can not feel the delay, but if I use n-channel, that delay may cause the sound not synchronized. 

Question is : Buffer for limiter has impact on delay, but how many?

So I want to measure the time, does the SigmaStudio have the block that I can put at the tail ( before output ) to get the total time when signal from AP signal input?