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HMC611 output ripple reduction method for 1MHz input

Question asked by ricky on Nov 20, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by ricky

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My customer is investigating HMC611 for his new signal generator.

HMC611 will be used for monitoring RF output signal level.

For controlling RF signal level, he is considering HMC611 and HMC346.

The output signal frequency range will be 1MHz to 10GHz.

His prototype shows large ripple component output terminal of HMC611 when input frequency is 1MHz to several 10MHz range.

The specification of HMC611 said that the frequency range is 1 – 10000MHz.

How much of ripple is arrowed in your test at 1MHz input frequency?

Large CLPF reduces ripple however, it adds longer delay to the output.

What is your recommendation for fast feedback RF Power Control Loop?


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