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problem in ADAS3023 digital data

Question asked by aria66 on Nov 21, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by StevenX

Dear all,


I'm using ADAS3023 in part of my design. When I want to config CFG register, it works OK without any problem and CFG is configured. but When I want to read data of 8 Converted Channels, it seems that all 8 data are same and fixed. even if I change Voltage level of each channel, The digital data corresponding to them do not change at all. they are all fixed and same. I do not have providing Power sequence of this ADC in Hardware but in the beginning of my code, i wrote some lines to do PD and Reset Cycle that is mentioned here:

ADAS3023 power sequence 


It is important to know that I do all of timing that is needed for Conversion and ... Correctly because i saw CNV, CS, SCK , ... all on Oscilloscope.

How Can I fix this problem?

In fact The ADC not convert data at all.