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Using multiple channels with AD7190 ADC

Question asked by on Nov 20, 2016
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I have a scale project where I am using Channel 1 to read the value from a strain gauge. I would like to monitor the temp sensor to compensate for temperature. I have been having problems implementing 2 sources. I have questions about:


1) When both channel 1 (AIN3 & AIN4) and channel 2 (Temp Sensor) are enabled do I need to worry about disabling the Temp Sensor to calibrate channel 1?


2) Is the correct approach to reading both values with the ADC in continuous mode (MD2- MD0 = 000) and CREAD = 0:

    a) drop CS low

             I) wait for DAT_STA to go high & low

             II) read channel 1

             III) wait for DAT_STA to go High & low

             IV) read channel 2

   b) bring CS high


3) No matter what I try I can't seem to get a data read to add the status register as the 4th word. I have set the MR20 to 1 but all I get is 255 as a return value. I can read it as a separate command and reading the 8 bit values but I can't get it to added to a 32 bit read of the data register.


Thank you for whatever help you can give me,