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ADV7511 DDC Controller Error(Code == 3)

Question asked by wallman16 on Aug 30, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2013 by DaveD

Hi ,


We are using Some monitor (Manufacture:I-O),HDCP supported DVI input is connected to ADV7511 and HDCP  authentication is enabled .
Once the HDCP is authenticated , DDC Controller Error (Code ==3) is genrated and HDCP authentication stops .
This is the same even if we try to re - authenticate .
And we have seen the same on the Evaluation board .
This error code correlates to Miss in calculating the Pj parameter .
Thought Monitors Bcaps supports Pj (Bcaps  = 0x93) , the calculation for Pj fails .
Please let me know with regards to the following .
1. Is there a possibility of wrong register setting , if so which register setting could generator this phenomenon .
   Presently, Apart from  Fixed value register specified in the documentation , Power down ,Interrupt Enable and Clear ,Trigger   Request for HDCP            authentication we are not  setting any other register.
2. During authentication , Can the Pj calculation be omitted regards less to the BCaps values of the Sync Block
3. DDC Controller error generates a Interrupt and when DHCP Status (0xB8) is read  HDCP authentication states OK .
    This is because of with accordance to HDCP specification Pj mismatch is allowed for 2 times .
    If so is the case we would not get a interrupt when HDCP authentication changes from OK to not OK and HPD or Rx Sense is not changed.
    (According to IC specification HDCP authentication status can be checked by polling )
    There is a problem with Polling as processing time is important so we are using Intrrupt .
Please let me know if there a way to workaround this issue .
Thanking you
With best regards and wishes