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ADSC589 - Linux Uboot Issue because of Ethernet port

Question asked by parvathy on Nov 18, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2016 by parvathy


  As I would like to bring up ADSC589 board with Linux OS, So I have followed steps given in

SC58x EZ-Kit Linux Quick Start Guide.

But not able to flash U-boot to SPI Flash successfully because of following command failure.



cp u-boot-sc58x-ezkit-hpc.ldr /tftpboot/u-boot.ldr


Problem Identified:

I guess this is because of Ethernet Port chosen.


Hardware Setup:

I have ADSPSC589 - 1.4 Version board, and the default Ethernet port is EMAC1(LED4 glows)



How can i configure EMAC0 as a default one in order to flash u-boot code via tftp?