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loader error if link to init file contains spaces

Question asked by pfeifferc on Nov 17, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by Kader.M

Hi !

i've observed that loader process Fails if the init-file directive contains spaces

see below !


but it helps if you use the same Statement with a quotation mark



make all
'Building target: Spider88_Core1.ldr'
'Invoking: CrossCore Blackfin Loader'
elfloader.exe -v -proc ADSP-BF609 -si-revision 0.2 -b RSI -f binary -width 8 -bcode 0 -init C:/Analog\ Devices/CrossCore\ Embedded\ Studio\ 2.3.0/Blackfin/ldr/BF609_init_v02.dxe -MaxBlockSize  0xfffC E:\ITEC_work\projects\Blackfin\Spider88\Spider88_Core0\Debug\Spider88_Core0.dxe -NoFinalTag E:\ITEC_work\projects\Blackfin\Spider88\Spider88_Core1\Debug\Spider88_Core1.dxe -o "Spider88_Core1.ldr" "Spider88_Core1.dxe"
 BCODE for RSI boot: 0x0
  Bus Width     0x00
  RSI Clk       0x3
  Description   1 bit, regular Speed

[Error ld0095]: Unable to open file: .dxe.
make: *** [Spider88_Core1.ldr] Error -1