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AD9361 dual port full duplex mode issue

Question asked by Usher on Nov 17, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by sripad

Hello ADI folks,


   The parallel port of AD9361 is configured as below for 2R2T, DDR, FDD, dual port mode on my project.

0x010 = 0xCC

0x011 = 0x00

0x012 = 0x02

   However, I am not sure how to allocate IQ for both TX1/TX2 because the diagram in UG-570 is obscure. Below is screen capture of Figure 75 of document UG-570. I have couple questions on that and please kindly help me on them.

1) In figure #75, there has no T2_I and T2_Q. Which place should I to allocate T2_I and T2_Q? In TX_FRAME logical high period or  logical low period?

2) AD9361 will use the relationship between TX_FRAME and P0_D[11:0] to assign IQ to TX1 or TX2, am I right?

3) In UG-570, FB_CLK should be a copy of DATA_CLK. Does there has any similar requirement for RX_FRAME and TX_FRAME?


Thanks in advance.