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Can no longer set AD9361 to 1 MSPS Sample Rate

Question asked by ttyler777 on Nov 15, 2016
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I'm using the FMCOMMS5 board with a ZC706.  I'm running the Windows version of IIO Oscilloscope as well as an in house Windows applications that I've developed.


I've been playing around with the AD9361 for a while now, and ever since I received the device I could tune the receiver chain down to a 1 MSPS sample rate WITHOUT loading a FIR filter.  However, I suddenly can no longer go below about 2.08 MSPS without a FIR filter.


I did some searching, and from what I can see from the latest documentation, 2.08 MSPS is the intended min sample rate.  


My question is: why was I able to go down to 1 MSPS before?  The only change is that I ran the update script on the ZC706.  Was it a bug before that allowed me to set the sample rate that low?  


Tyler Jackson