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Unable to insert device driver module in AD9361 configured linux driver/image

Question asked by batraaman on Nov 15, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by mhennerich
I am configuring AD361 with the linux driver, the AD9361 is connected with  Altera cyclone v SoCKit  (ARradio). I am using linaro based linux image as the information about this can be found at Zynq & Altera SoC Quick Start Guide [Analog Devices Wiki] 


Currently,I want to insert the my customized device driver module into the kernel. When I am trying to insert my module into the kernel. Its showing the below error:

"insmod hello.ko
[  352.108524] hello: version magic '4.1.17-ltsi SMP mod_unload ARMv7 p2v8 ' should be '4.0.0-gfca5b58 SMP mod_unload ARMv7 p2v8 '
insmod: ERROR: could not insert module hello.ko: Invalid module format"

Here, is also the screenshot regarding the error.

Inline images 1

Could you please let me know why I am not able to insert my device driver module into the kernel? Is there any kind of security features  enabled in this which are blocking my operation?


Thanks in advance.

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Aman Batra