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Accelerometer Suggestion for Pipe Vibrations

Question asked by khrid3 on Nov 15, 2016
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Hello, i have a design project concerned with the correlation of leak signal vibrations coming from leaks on a long commercial water pipe about 6 inches in diameter and 30-50 meters long. So far, there are many IEEE studies and experimental setup about this topic that helps us to confirm that the project is attainable. I just would like to ask if anyone of you has some suggestions to what accelerometer is perfect to be used in this kind of application. So far, what i have seen to be the most sensitive is ADXL203CE by which it was also used by the previous studies, but after many years, other accelerometers can be more effective. It has 960-1040 mV/G sensitivity and is a dual-axis accelerometer. Any suggestions are pretty much welcome. 


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