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Diff and Singel-ended Amps for 24-bit ADC

Question asked by Kimlorentz on Nov 16, 2016

I am looking for Diff and Singel-Ended amplifiers to be connected to the AD7124-4/8 (24-bit) ADC to be used to read these voltage levels in DC.


  • Diff input (+/-)0-100mVdc, (+/-)0-500mVdc, (+/-)0-1vdc, (+/-)0-2.5vdc, and (+/-)0-5vdc, and (+/-)0-10vdc and (+/-)0-16vdc
  •  Singel-ended input 0-100mVdc, 0-500mVdc, 0-1vdc, 0-10vdc and 0-30vdc
  • Singel-ended input (+/-)0-100mVdc, (+/-)0-500mVdc, (+/-)0-1vdc, (+/-)0-2.5vdc, and (+/-)0-5vdc, and (+/-)0-10vdc and (+/-)0-16vdc


Anyone know any good amps for this?