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AD734 precise usage

Question asked by Koka on Nov 14, 2016
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I'm using AD734 multiply a DC voltage (in X input) with a 10V peak 400Hz AC signal. and this is my schematic

and i'm trying to use W=(X1-X2)(Y1-Y2)/10 topology. (Y1-Y2)=10 Vp ( measured with Multimeter). As you can see, im trying to make an AC signal with (X1-X2) controlled Peak to Peak.

The problem is there is some non linearity errors. Even i can see non zero output with ((X1-X2)=0).

This is the signal

Blue is the Career (Y1-Y2)

Orange is Output. and (X1-X2)=0

Q:Is there any way to set BW to 500Hz?

Q:The nonzero output with zero input is normal?

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