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WIFI over ADSP-SC589

Question asked by Maty on Nov 13, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by PrasanthR

Hello all


Im using the ADSP sc589 for my aplication with CCES 2.4  and uc-os-||| 2.4 and i want to use aTPC/IP over  WIFI in my project. 

in the Analog site it looks like that the LWIP(Lightweight TCP/IP (lwIP) Stack | Analog Devices ) stack is the only way of using TCP/IP but it is NOT support WIFI communication.

I found in "Micrium" site that the TCP/IP stack adjust to only 3 kinds of wifi HW devices (TCP/IP Networking | Micrium ) but non of them match to my requirements (connect WIFI over the USB or SDIO connectors)


is their any other HW WIFI devices that possible to use with the TCP/IP stack?

is it possible to use the TCP/IP stack and not using the light weight stack?