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AD5535B supply voltages and output stability

Question asked by chris.shelton on Nov 12, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2016 by clon

The AD5535B data sheet, in the Specifications section, shows V+ =5.0V and AVCC=5.25V, but in the same table, VREF_IN shows a requirement that both of these voltages must be greater than VREF_IN  + 1.15V.  Can you resolve this contradiction?  With VREF IN=4.096V, what are the recommended voltages for V+  and AVCC, and is it possible to meet specs with a single voltage for both?  Is there an updated Fig. 10 showing the new 550uA output current?  Is there a Spice model for the new HVA, and if not, will the outputs be stable with a 15nF load if a 1K or other suggested resistor is in series?  Are there any plans to qualify this part for space?  Thanks much!