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Pixelpulse2 doesn't open on windows 7, 64 bits...

Question asked by ricardoboabaid on Nov 11, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by dmercer

Hi there. I've installed the Pixelpulse2 on my 64 bit pc running windows 7 through the pixelpulse2-v0.90_win_setup.exe.

I could make it to correctly install ADALM1000 WinUSB Driver (I can see it properly installed at device manager) but I could never run Pixelpulse2, as everytime I try to run it shows the windows below.


As the text is in portuguese, let me translate it:


pixelpulse stopped working... Windows is colecting information about the problem. This could take some minutes.


Window 1:


pixelpulse 2                                [ _ ] [ O ] [ X ]


pixelpulse 2 stopped working


Windows is colecting more information about

the problem. This might take several minutes.



Window 2:


pixelpulse 2                                                           [ _ ] [ O ] [ X ]


Would you like to send more information about the problem?


Additional detail about the problem might help Microsoft to create

a solution.


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The files it would send to Microsoft are attached below... Do you think you could help me?


I even though about making a Linux virtualization but unfortunatelly my pc doesn't allow me, so I'd have to make it work in Windows 7 anyway...


Best Regards