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Data interpretation for ADXL001

Question asked by Suyash on Nov 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2017 by Anthony.DeSimone

Hi. I have recently made a purchase of EVAL- ADXL001 , with +70g measurement range. I was trying to interface it with computer using Arduino. I connected the VDD with 5V pin on the Arduino, GND with the GND pin, and the XOUT pin with an analog input pin of the Arduino. I left the ST and VNID pin unconnected. 

    The data that I got at the analog pin of the arduino was not changing even when I changed the orientation of the board in every direction possible. The Arduino actually scales the analog signal between 0 to 1023. From the above arrangement, the only output that I got was near 10, with a little fluctuation of +-3. Please suggest me where did I go wrong. Thank you.


Te arduino code:

int xAxisPin = A5;

void setup()
pinMode(A5, INPUT);

void loop()
xAxisValADC = analogRead(xAxisPin);