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Reading AD7770 SigDel-Data only via slave-SPI

Question asked by zbyno on Nov 12, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by musach

I would like to use AD7770 (in future AD7771) for reading Data of 4-channels (ch0-Ch3 with ODR to 32kSps) only via slave SPI (MCU will be Master , SCLK from 25-30 MHz)

1. Can I read A/D-Data only for Ch0 till Ch3 without error of AD7770-functionality?

2. I will need for read data from one channel 32-SCL-pulses.. (one frame).

3. DRDZ- low going... I will read the first frame =/it means   ...  it will be automaticly ch0, next frame should be Chann1, next chann2... etc.

4. I will need for 4 channels  128 pulses of SCLK.. correct?

5. Is it enought for this funktionality after power-up (or reset) to have pins Format0 + Format1 on 3V3 ?

6. I necessary a delay after switch source for Data on SPI by setting GENERAL_USER_
CONFIG_3, Bit 4 (see page 45) ?

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