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ADV7619 not recognized by PC, EDID is being read though

Question asked by MTHAI on Nov 11, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by GuenterL

The details of my question are in a reply within . Basically I have the same issue.  I know my EDID is being read.  The PC still won't recognize it though.  What are the specific bytes in the EDID that cause the HDMI-RX to be recognized by the PC.  I know the ManufacturereID(PnPID), the product ID & the correct checksum.  Anything else?



UPDATE:  11/11/2016:  For some reason, the internal EDID is off by one (or at least by the time it reaches the DDC I2C bus going into the PC, it is off by 1 byte).  I hacked the EDID & place one extra 0x00 into my EDID write.  The PC now recognizes ADV7619.  Now I need to troubleshoot what is going on with this one byte shift.