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MT9M031 power up using ADSP-BF609_Ezikit board

Question asked by taycir.l on Nov 11, 2016
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I am trying to connect an MT9M031 demo sensor board to an ADSP-BF609_Ezikit board (linux driver).


To power up the sensor these steps are required:


1. Turn on VDD_PLL power supply.
2. After 0–10us, turn on VAA and VAA_PIX power supply.
3. After 0–10us, turn on VDD_IO power supply.
4. After the last power supply is stable, enable EXTCLK.
5. Assert RESET_BAR for at least 1ms.
6. Wait 150000 EXTCLKs (for internal initialization into software standby.
7. Configure PLL, output, and image settings to desired values.
8. Wait 1ms for the PLL to lock.
9. Set streaming mode (R0x301a[2] = 1).


How can I assert RESET_BAR and enable EXTCLK using Ezkit board?


Thanks in advance.