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7842 Auto Mode for Non Standard Resolutions

Question asked by nabs on Aug 28, 2011
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This topic has been discussed many times but I am not sure there was any clear answer to it.


Using ADV7842. Have a VGA input which should be able to support 1920x1080p resolution. I go in Auto Graphics mode and configure three registers:






I get a video but the image is shifted left. I looked at the scripts that came with 7842 and in the script, they are adjusting DE_START and DE_END. DE_START is set to 0x320 and DE_END is set to 0x3ED.  Start HS and End HS is still set to 0. What I dont understand is how are we setting these values. Why is DE_START shifted left -224 Pixels. Is there any algorithm to calulate these values, eg based onHysnc Width, Blanking Time, Front Porch and Back Porch?


Same case for 1280x720p. I really dont want to go down a path of creating tables for every non supported resolution and have custom values for DE_START, START HS and START VBI. I would rather calculate these values based on the timing information I already have like Hsync Width and H Blanking time. If ther are any known default length of DE (x number of pixels) or Hsync, then I will know exactly how many pixels to shift left or right. But if I dont know then I will have to have a huge data base made spicifically for 7842.