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Conventions for filter bandwidth on the AD9371

Question asked by temmeand on Nov 9, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2016 by ChillManu


I am looking at filters on the AD9371 and see in the User Guide, UG-992, that the Rx passband is centered around DC sometimes, e.g. pg 167 Rx SIGNAL PATH EXAMPLE. This means that for a 100MHz BW, the pass band is set to 50MHz. In the TES it seems like the filters are centered around DC and have passbands at half the bandwidth (see attached figures). The same seems to be true in the ADI provided Filter Wizard that runs in Matlab.


Am I correct that all plots for filter responses in both the TES and Filter Wizard are centered around DC with an implied passband from -BW/2 to BW/2? Is this true for both Rx and Tx filter plots or just Rx?


Thank you.