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Fast floating on blackfin

Question asked by nicolas on Aug 26, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2011 by StuartS

Hi All,


    We have some algorithms that has many floating arithmetic operations, we are considering to optimize it as it costs too many cycles.

    We are using Update 9.1 and I have seen that now we don't need to use fract16 or fract32, just use fract, and don't need to use built-in functions like before, right?


    The ways we used before to do this optimization is very complex using shifting and built-in functions, so I am thinking if there is any better way to do this job, could someone give some ideas to us?


    For example, float a1 = 2.05, a2 = 100.324;

    Now we want to get the result: a1+a2, a1-a2, a1*a2, a2/a1;


    btw, I have seen the EE185, and its associated code is not avaliable now on the offical website now. If anyone have these code, would you please send me one for some reference, thanks!