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ADRF 6850 issues

Question asked by Roy123 on Nov 9, 2016
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I am a student, I am testing the ADRF6850 Eval. Board and experiencing some issues, hope I can find some help here:

I am trying to use the ADRF 6850 as a demodulator for PSK modulation at high frequencies between 300 MHz – 500 MHz, but I'm unable to get any output signal through the I/Q physical outputs further more I would like ask the following:


  • While trying to configure using the ADRF6850_SPI_Rev2 there are no indications that the hardware is actually been modified – is there an example I can refer to on how to interact with adrf6850 and confirm Read/Write abilities?


  • What ADC and AMP would be recommended for my usage with the ADRF6850?



  • Should the RF input be "gained controlled" or could be at any gain in the range of the absolute maximum ratings?