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about settings of agc on ad9361

Question asked by rahulram on Nov 9, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2016 by Vinod


    i am using fmcomms 2 board along with zc706 and running it on no os driver, now my question is i am sending data at different rates and am testing the sensitivity of my system using cables at varying attenuation db, now my setuo works fine if i set the transmitter to a particular attenuation and adjust the gain on the reciever side in manual mode but it is not working with agc and after investigating for some time i found out that in agc mode the rf card was not able to adjust the gain of all the frames it was receiving to the optimum level and thats why i was getting a lot of error in packets so can anyone suggest me any settings on how to adjust the fast agc , the time between my frames is less is us secs and also i came to know that for different rates of modulation say 6mbps and 24 mbps it was showing different levels ,can anyone help me with this,thanks