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How to use Segger JflashARM to program ADuC7060?

Question asked by lesliegrate on Nov 8, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2016 by PatrickN

Using Midas-Link and the IAR v5.4 IDE to program the ADuC7060 eval board (and our design derived from that) works fine.  However, the production environment uses the Segger Flasher portable programming box, and i have not gotten the Segger tools to operate with the 7060.  The Segger J-FlashARM V4.54c tool has worked with all the other micro's we use, but not yet on the 7060.  In all cases, this tool just freezes right away (and i have to windows-kill it) when it tries to Connect.  I've tried using 3 different Jlink boxes (Midas, IAR, and the Segger Flasher); I've tried changing the "Reset" to the "Type 2" (the software specific one for ADuC micros); I've changed the JTAG speed down to 100Khz; and all freeze.  I do not know where to start looking so any suggestions would be appreciated.