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CN0359 DEMO board real electrode test issue

Question asked by Verti on Nov 8, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2016 by R.L

Dear Sir,

        We have purchased one CN0359 DEMO, Now meet below confuse and hope for your help.

 1. Use resistance box to simulate real electrode, the output voltage  wave form of  AD8253 is as below

a. Excitation frequency is 100Hz, it's flat on the top and the waveform is normal.

b. Excitation frequency is 1000Hz, small lean on the top.


2. Use real 4-pole conductivity electrode, electrode coefficient is 0.55

a. Excitation frequency is 100Hz, the DEMO shows conductance cell error,

b. Excitation frequency is1000Hz,



Seems some issues lead the waveform distortion. As we know capacitance of the real electrode influence the test result and usually we change the frequency to against it.

Can you give your advice that how to get normal waveform with this DEMO when using a real 4-pole electrode,

What's more if you have any experience  to avoid  waveform distortion with this CN0359 design please kindly share it.

Thank you.