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ADL5391 intermediate gain stage

Question asked by nafran on Nov 8, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2016 by jdobler

Hello, I designing an optical detector circuit and want to use the ADL5391 as an intermediate gain stage to compensate for variations in optical returns. The inputs and outputs will be AC coupled but the stages before and after the ADL5391 are single ended amplifiers. In trying to minimize part count and maintain operational flexibility, I'm hoping to avoid transformers. Between the connections shown in figures 19 and 22, I believe I have a working design but would like a second opinion.


I will be using the AC coupled X input for my high frequency (<100 MHz) signal and the DC coupled Y input and gain adjust input to provide a linearized gain adjustment. X will be driven by an op amp output and each W will drive a buffer amplifier, again both single ended.


I've attached a rough circuit. The resistor values aren't matched yet, just what was available in my current library.