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AD9361 TX Tuning Failed! error

Question asked by Sumeet002 on Nov 8, 2016
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We have designed custom board with 6 AD9364s with Virtex-7 FPGA.

We have modified the  HDL design for 6 AD9364s in Vivado and have made necessary changes in No-OS SDK code with referencing the fmcomms5 design for zynq.


When i run the code the first AD9361 is successfully initialized with no errors, but the other 5 AD9364s give TX tuning Failed! error but they still get initialized.There is no RX tuning error.


I do not observe the LO frequency of the remaining 5 on spectrum analyzer but the first one works.

The first ad9364 has a TX LO at -2dBm at 0 attenuation and the others have TX LO at -60dBm at 0 attenuation which is probably carrier leakage.


Also i have tested all ad9364s individually with individual HDL projects at a time and they all work when tested alone.

I also tried skipping digital tune and calculated the rx_data_clock_delay and tx_data_clock_delay for each IC from the individual projects and still no LO frequency. 

What could be the problem here. Any hints? i have attached screenshot of error.


I am in a bit of urgency,could i get any leads on this problem.mhennerich tlili

I am ready to share HDL core changes we have made for 6 AD934's.