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AD9371 TX RX Power Control

Question asked by threecheung on Nov 7, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2016 by gverma

We are working with the ZC706 and AD9371 evaluation board provided by ADI. The setup works fine with the ADI IIO tools.


We wanted to analyze the power consumption of the AD9371 for various cases by individually turning Tx or Rx channels ON/ OF. For our application we want to operate the AD9371 as Rx only or Tx only in some cases. We connect an external 12V DC supply to the AD9371 board by bypassing one of the fuse connection.


From the GUI settings  we disable both Tx1 and Tx2 first and keep Rx1 and Rx2 ON. As a result, we see the current consumption of the AD9371 go down. But we cannot plot the IQ data from the Rx1 and Rx2 ports. We also see the following error commands indicating an internal RF PLL lock failure :


 root@analog:~# ERROR: 352: MYKONOS_waitArmCmdStatus() exited due to ARM error for the desired ARM opcode
ERROR: 255: ARM Command Error in MYKONOS_setRfPllFrequency()
ad9371 spi32766.1: PLLs unlocked b

A similar observation was made when we disable both Rx1 and Rx2 but keep Tx1 and Tx2 ON. The current consumption reduced from normal case, but we do not see any output from the Tx ports.


So our question is, how can we measure the TX and RX power consumption individually with the GUI tools provided by ADI ?