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Blackfin BF537 Flash new application with bootrom

Question asked by rubth on Aug 26, 2011
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I work with the TCMBF537 Board from bluetechnix and VisualDSP.

Now I will make a new bootloader for better control the powerUp sequenz, and make different posibility at powerUp. The bootloader from bluetechnix work, but dont have all functionality witch I need.

My bootloader is placed at adress 0x20000000, and my apllication should be placed later for examplae in adress 0x20058000



Now I can download my bootloader with my bootloader in the flash at adress 0x20058000.

If I make a reset, my bootloader will startet with the bluetechnix bootloader and works correct.

When I call the bootrom-loader  directly after download in the flash, my bootloader dont function correct.


*pSIC_IMASK = 0x00000000;

*pSIC_ISR   = 0x00000000;

*pIMASK     = 0x0000001F;
asm("P0.H = HI(0xEF000008);");   // bootrom
asm("P0.L = LO(0xEF000008);");   // bootrom
asm("R7.H = HI(0x20058000);");   // startadresse
asm("R7.L = LO(0x20058000);");   // startadresse
asm("JUMP (P0);");               // jump to Boot ROM


Have somebody a idea, what I must doing ???


(Sorry my english, I speak german ....)