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AD9371 Networking & Server Issues

Question asked by andrew.feldman on Nov 7, 2016
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I am having some issues bringing up the AD9371 ("Mykonos") transceiver. A very simple sketch of the lab bench setup I am assembling is attached. The Mykonos transceiver interfaces with a Zynq (ZC706-2) board, which in turn is connected to my PC over ethernet (The PC has a second ethernet card dedicated to the Zynq board.) The PC also has a USB connection to the Zynq board, which provides a serial terminal interface to the Zynq board's Linux system. 


In order to set up Mykonos with Zynq, I followed the AD9371 Quick Start Guides (AD9371 Prototyping Platform User Guide [Analog Devices Wiki] ) and the PDF manual provided with Mykonos. Specifically I followed the steps for configuring the 192.168.1.X network in the Windows Network and Sharing Center so that the AD9371 Evaluation Software can communicate with Mykonos. I am experiencing the following issues:


1. When the Linux system on the Zynq board boots up, 'ifconfig' indicates that the board does not have an IP address. According to the guides, the board should automatically acquire as its IP address. I can manually configure the IP address to be, however after a certain amount of time (between seconds and minutes) the eth0 interface must be reset or something like that, because ifconfig indicates that the board no longer has an IP address.


2. When I manually configure as the Zynq board IP address, and confirm that I can ping the PC from the Linux machine (and visa versa), the AD9371 Evaluation Software is nonetheless unable to communicate with Mykonos. Clicking the 'Connect' button in the evaluation software results in the software issuing a pop-up message, which says that it needs to restart the server on the Zynq board. After the evaluation software issues a restart command to the server on the Zynq board, there is a message which tells me to try connecting to Mykonos again. But this results in the same pop-up message about restarting the server. The software is never able to connect to Mykonos.


Any help with either of these issues is appreciated.