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112409-HMC814LC3B low output power

Question asked by Vladimir.Matvejev on Nov 7, 2016
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I obtain 112409-HMC814LC3B output power lower that specified.


I am using EV-ADF5355SD1Z frequency synthesizer to generate ~+2 dBm at 7.25-7.75 GHz signal (harmonics: -6dBm at 3.6-3.9GHz and -15dBm at 10.9-11.7 GHz). The signal is fed directly to active frequency doubler 112409-HMC814LC3B to get 14.5-15.5 GHz signal. According to the datasheet 112409-HMC814LC3B output power level should be >+15dBm, but I only measure 0 to +6dBm at the output. What could be a reason for such a low output power?


I use one lab power supply to supply +5V at 80mA both Vdd1 and Vdd2. I have tested two evaluation boards  112409-HMC814LC3B with the same result. I also use 115739-HMC573LC3B in the similar way and I get the right output power levels.


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