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AD9144/AD9154 latency variation specification.

Question asked by jordens on Nov 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2017 by Patrick-Xuan

In Table 7 on page 9 of the AD9154 datasheet it says that the LATENCY VARIATION SPECIFICATION in subclass 1 with PLL off is 1 DACCLK cycle MAX.

What does that mean? Or in more detail:


Is this a variation from unit to unit?
Is this a variation from one SYNC/CGS/ILAS to another SYNC/CGS/ILAS sequence?
Is this a variation over time/voltage/temperature?
Is this a digital variation/non-determinism (i.e. 0 or +1 cycle and no fractional part)?
Does this contradict the "fixed latency" claim on the front page of the datasheet?