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ADAU1452 Selfboot from I2C Eeprom

Question asked by op-electronics on Nov 5, 2016



i can use Master Control Port for Interface Write/Read operations with I2C Eeprom but i can't selfboot the DSP from I2C Eeprom.


I think i set everything right and the fact that I2C Interface Write and Read works demonstrates it. However i can't understand what the problem with I2C selfboot is while SPI selfboot works fine.


When i try to Write Last Compilation through DSP then Check Last Compilation through DSP or USBi i get a success.

Write Compilation through USBi seems not work.

If i try to read Panic Code Register 0xF428 i get 0x8000 (Error from software panic).

Connecting the eeprom directly to USBi i can read that something has been written to it, however i have no idea how to check if that data is ok for selfboot.

While connected to USBi directly i can read, write, clear the memory easily.


The chip is Microchip 24AA1025.


In this schematic i'm writing to Eeprom via I2C with Interface Write and Reading it Back, then i'm reading address 0 of Eeprom and i get AA


Dont' know if could be of any help but clearing eeprom through USBi sets all the allocations to 0x00 while clearing the memory through DSP results in allocations at 0xFF


Below is the schematic of a simple program i tried to write to eeprom and the attached file is the exported eeprom content:



Any advice?

Hope you can help


Thank you in advance