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SC589 PCIe question

Question asked by qiusuo on Nov 5, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by qiusuo

I have a ADSP SC589 EZ-kit board and I want to use it's PCIe interface to connect a custom PCIe card. I configured the kernerl as followings:

Then I re-build the kernel. The output message display the sc58x-pcie 310b8000.pcie: link training failed.


The info is following:

sc58x-pcie 310b8000.pcie: Link training failed
sc58x-pcie 310b8000.pcie: PORT_LINK_DEBUG0 = 4a4a02, PORT_LINK_DEBUG1 = 8000000
sc58x-pcie: probe of 310b8000.pcie failed with error -110


By the way, I have populated the R417 and R418 by 0 OHM resistor to provide the reference clock to card and the card is work normal.

I want to know why the EZ-kit did not detect the card. What more settings are needed?

Thanks a lot.