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ADAU1772 limiter

Question asked by RMSacoustics on Nov 6, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2017 by RMSacoustics

I use the ADAU in an active feedback system for low frequency sound.

The limiter is used to prevent the system from reaching the non-linear clipping level.

Unfortunately the user manual by BillJ on the WIKI page (Limiter (ADAU1772) [Analog Devices Wiki] ) does not describe the functionality as I experience. Instead of sensing the input and decreasing the gain until Gain min, it really limits/stabilises the output on the threshold value.

Furthermore contrary to described the Decay step determines the speed of limiting while the Attack Step determines the speed at which the gain is increased again with a smaller input signal. (see attachment for settings that work)


This functionality is much more useful than the described functionality, however, I cannot set the Decay step shorter than 1, which still gives an overshoot of 6-10 dB, thereby limiting my safe dynamic range with the same amount.

So my question is twofold.

1: Can I use this limiter to really prevent overshoot

2: Is it possible to get a good user manual that really describes the functionality


I use Sigma Studio 3.12