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Are there special conditions before you can convert SC589 multi-SHARC project into Libraries

Question asked by MikeSmithCanada on Nov 4, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2017 by Kader.M


I have taken EE-337_V02 project and got it to run (meaning can hear sound)

Multi_0, Multi_1 and Multi_2


I then changed each of these projects into a static library project and changed the name of the mains to main0, main1, main2


I then build a new three core project where all the cores did was call their respective main0, main1 and main2

and I linked in the three libraries

Project runs but no sound

Change the libraries back to executables and rebuild -- runs again hear sounds

return to library format and rebuild -- runs and no sounds


When I had originally converted Multi_0, 1, 2 to libraries, CCES complained "something" about the various plug in could not be included (when I set up inter project dependencies)-- so I guessed -- missing plug-ins in the new files


so I added those -


I understand that I need the plugins, and I can see new "C" code about dma being added in

 but my big mental model does not tell me why the linker did not complain that something was missing before I added in the add-ins


Can somebody point in the correct direction of the correct mental picture


Also, I am still not getting sound when using the libraries and plugins


Next step

Make a copy of the original project -- so it retains hidden settings if any

excluded all files -- and move the examples into that and linked to the libraries


Sound now occurs

Anybody got the ideas of what special (hidden) options are set?