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AD9652 PN test sequence

Question asked by maryg on Nov 4, 2016
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AD9652 is connected to an FPGA. It generates PN sequences and the FPGA has an analyzer to check them.


AD9652 data sheet reports non-standard PN sequences PN23 and PN9 (pag 33, register 0x0D "Test Mode", reg val: 0101 and 0100).

PN23 ->

reported: 1 + x^17 + x^22

standard: 1 + x^18 + x^23

PN9 ->

reported: 1 + x^3 + x^8

standard: 1 + x^5 + x^9


1) Are these sequences generated using "Forward Counter Implementation" or "Backward Counter Implementation"? (Xilinx XAPP884) (see picture below)

2) Do you already have a VHDL or verilog module that can test these sequences after samples reach the FPGA?