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ADV7613 set to RGB mode

Question asked by ricky on Nov 4, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by ricky

Hi All,


My customer is trying to use ADV7613 HDMI-LVDS Display Bridge in his new design.

He wants to use it in RGB mode.

He read back from HDMI_COLORSPACE[3:0], Address 68 (HDMI), Address 0x53[3:0] (Read Only), the data received is 「0100」(XVYCC_601). He understand that it means YCbCr mode. He expecting the data of 0000 (default) RGB_LIMITED, it should be RGB mode.

His question is how to set it to RGB mode.

He once tried to change INP_COLOR_SPACE [3:0] and RGB_OUT, however nothing to change to the read back data.

His system intends to receive RGB FULL range data from HDMI port and send it through LVDS port.


Thank you for your help.