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Questions about ADV7441A HDMI free-run mode

Question asked by cclo on Aug 25, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2011 by DaveD

Hi all,



I  am now using ADV7441A as a video decoder (and it will connect to a  encoder).

There are 3 input sources connected to ADV7441A. They are:



2) YPbPr



Unfortunately, when the input cable unplugged from my system, the encoder will  stops working anymore. I have already ask for fix about the encoder. But the vender said this problem needs time to fix, or may not be fixed. This causes me a big pain.


As far as I know, when input is selected to CVBS or YPbPr, even the cable is uplugged from ADV7441A, a blue screen will be generated. And this could make the encoder keep working (keep encoding a blue screen).


But  I would also like to know does HDMI support this ?


I have read the datasheet and there exists a "HDMI free-run" mode. And the description matches what I want. But after several tries of HDMI register settings, no blue screen comes out when HDMI cable uplugged.


So I would like to know does there exist any recommand register settings for enabling "HDMI free-run" mode of ADV7441A ?


Or any other register settings I could use for solving this problem ?


Please help. Thanks.