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ADF5355: Issues with Phase Resync and Feedback Select

Question asked by StevenATX on Nov 3, 2016
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I'm trying to get Phase Resync implemented in our design and I've run into an issue where as soon as the feedback select is set to "Divided" I no longer see lock detected asserted. I've tried both digital and analog lock detect to the same result.


Phase resync aside, everything else seems to be functioning just fine when the feedback select is set to "fundamental", as in I'm able to tune around, see a lock detected, and see the correct frequency,


I've included the values of the registers that we're programming when attempting to run with a "Divided" feedback select setting.

reg0 0x002042e0
reg1 0x06666661
reg2 0x271586a2
reg3 0x00000003
reg4 0x36040984
reg5 0x00800025
reg6 0x14204476
reg7 0x12000067
reg8 0x102d4028
reg9 0x0302fac9
reg10 0x00c0043a
reg11 0x0061300b
reg12 0x09c4041c


These values are for a target frequency of 3.345 GHz given a PFD freq of 6.25MHz from a reference frequency of 50 MHz.


Searching around I've been unable to find a reason for this failure to lock.


I also have some additional questions:

  1. In the ADF5355 FAQ posted on this board the answer to "Question: Is the ADF5355 phase coherent?" has this line
    "ADF5355 can achieve this using the Phase Resync, REG 3 [DB29] feature as long as FRAC2 = 0 and as long as Phase Adjust, REG 3 [DB28] is not being used at the same time. "

    I haven't been able to find the FRAC2=0 requirement anywhere else, is this actually a requirement to get phase resync functioning?

  2. The Fractional-N Lock Detect Precision (LDP) bit explanation in the data sheet states to use 12 ns if bleed currents are used. Which bleed currents is it referring to? Charge pump? Gated? Negative? Any/all?


Thanks for you help,